6:30 with David Ellis

We met entertainer, Wayne Jackman on feeding the poor. Professor Sir Errol Walrond, Dame Mazie Barker-Welch and Attorney At Law, Vernon Smith – speak about the Rt. Excellent Errol Barrow.  Michael Carrington’s constituents on whether they believe he should not take the Speaker’s Chair.

January 21st – Wayne Jackman. About the Rt. Excellent Errol Barrow. Michael Carrington’s constituents.

January 14th – NCC workers share the pain. CEO of Williams Industries Inc., Tom Hall. St. Vincent tragedy.

January 07th – Nigerians students in Barbados. Barbadian writers. Domestic Violence in Barbados.

This Week with Carol Roberts

From making pop music hits to making corks pop! Sir Cliff Richard talks about his latest venture - the Vida Nova range of wines. Natasha Bernardez is passionate about food and its Caribbean influences in particular and has made it her life's purpose, all the way to the Food Network!

Sunday January 18th - Sir Cliff Richards talks about his latest venture......more

Sunday January 04th - The Panama Diary......more

Sunday  November 30th - Remembering Barbados' first Independence......more