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6:30 with David Ellis

David speaks with a couple who have their 7th child on the way, but are facing financial adversity. He learns that through it all, their love for each other and their family helps them get through the hard times. On the flip side he speaks to two men on their opinions of our growing population and the burdens it can create.

August 20th - David speaks to a couple who are struggling financially, but still love each other through adversity.

August 20th - Discussing population growth and it's burdens on the wider society.

August 6th - Opportunities in Africa, we hear panelists from the Diaspora Conference on how we can do business with Africa.

This Week with Carol Roberts


This Week looks at the issues surrounding the biggest news stories of the week.

Sunday August 3rd - Discussing the important links between Barbados and Panama with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Maxine McClean......more

Sunday  July 27th - Repeat: One year later with students on where they would like to be, in years to come......more

Sunday July 20th - Ms Alison Saunders sharing her part on the Barbados, Panama Connection.......more