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The Late Louis Neblett

"The Today in VOB Country travelled to De Lime Bar on Stadium Road very early one morning to interview Ms. Louise Neblett on her 103rd. birthday.  It was an inspirational experience indeed; Louise made us laugh and taught us how to live a life of grace and gratitude.  Sadly, she passed away recently at the age of 105; this interview is reposted to this site as a tribute to that grand old lady who taught us all to live life to the fullest." Carol A. M Roberts




6:30 with David Ellis

As part of small business week 2014, we take a look at the exciting prospects and the reality check of small businesses in Barbados.

September 25th - A look at small businesses in Barbados.

September 17th - Mr. Maurice Lee on riding a PSV.

September 10th - Mr. Corey Drakes celebrating his achievements.

This Week with Carol Roberts


Mr. Anderson Lowe, Mr. Colin Holligan, Mr. Steven Proverbs and Mr. Clarence Payne speak about the Competency - Based Training Fund.

Sunday September 28th - A repeat on the Competency - Based Training Fund ......more

Sunday  September 14th - Mr. Glen Harvey, principal of the New Orleans Community High School......more

Sunday September 14th - Colleen tells her story of her struggles of learning how to read......more