• NIS Concerns

    There are growing concerns that the country's National Insurance Scheme could run out of money to pay pensions within the next three decades

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  • Support for 24/7 Society

    The Executive Director of the Barbados Employers' Confederation believes Barbados' move towards a 24/7 society is positive

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BIBA Brasstacks Edition


6:30 with David Ellis

As part of small business week 2014, we take a look at the exciting prospects and the reality check of small businesses in Barbados.

September 25th - A look at small businesses in Barbados.

September 17th - Mr. Maurice Lee on riding a PSV.

September 10th - Mr. Corey Drakes celebrating his achievements.

This Week with Carol Roberts


The Rev. William St. Clair, the 'barefoot preacher' of the Methodist Church in the Ebenezer circuit in Barbados.

Sunday October 19th - Rev. William St. Clair, the 'barefoot preacher'......more

Sunday  September 12th - Barbados Family Planning Association Executive Director, Juliet Bynoe Sutherland

Sunday September 5th - Ms Nicole on her game, The Roundabout of life ......more