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Cave Shepherd Home for the Holidays


We’re bringing the joy of Christmas to Four families this year by giving YOU the chance to bring OR to send a loved one Home for the Holidays......Read More


6:30 with David Ellis

September 25th - A look at small businesses in Barbados.

September 17th - Mr. Maurice Lee on riding a PSV.

September 10th - Mr. Corey Drakes celebrating his achievements.

This Week with Carol Roberts


Attorney-at-law and Legal Consultant Faith Marshall-Harris and  Parenting Consultant with Supreme Counselling for Personal Development Donna Tull-Cox on the rights of teens and medical decisions..

Sunday November 23rd - Faith Marshall and Ms Donna Tull Cox on teens and medical decisions......more

Sunday  November 2nd - Kimberly and Telia on with cancer......more

Sunday October 26th - Granadian Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell on his service as mediator for the WICB......more