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The Barbados Economy

Panel Discussion with the Governor of the Central Bank




6:30 with David Ellis

Mr. Maurice Lee, interim president of APTO - The Association of Public Transport Operators, talks about the day to day situation of the public service vehicle operators.

September 17th - Mr. Maurice Lee on riding a PSV.

September 10th - Mr. Corey Drakes celebrating his achievements.

September 3rd - The discussion with Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Ms. Tracy Shuffler, Mr. Andrew Brathwaite and Mr. Jewel Brathwaite speak on the Barbados economy.

This Week with Carol Roberts


This Week features Glen Harvey, principal of the New Orleans Community High School and Colleen who tells an inspiring story of her struggle to learn to read.

Sunday September 14th - Mr. Glen Harvey, principal of the New Orleans Community High School......more

Sunday  September 14th - Colleen tells her story of her struggles of learning how to read......more

Sunday August 3rd - Discussing the important links between Barbados and Panama with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Maxine McClean......more