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These outstanding Barbadians are recognized as National Heroes for their roles in positively changing Barbados. In their honor April 28th is celebrated each year as National Heroes Day. Visit the Barbados National Heroes Gallery for an interactive introduction to these heroes.......Read more

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One-on-One with David Ellis and Sir David Seale


6:30 with David Ellis

Debbie and Dawn speak about the death of their uncle and their sudden financial burdens. Buddy Larrier shares an experience of his life with Mr. Corey Lane.

April 16th - Burying the dead, and the price you have to pay

April 16th - Mr. Corey Lane speaks with Mr. Buddy Larrier

April 09th - Businessman Sir. David Seale talks about himself and his businesses

This Week with Carol Roberts


This Week looks at the issues surrounding the biggest news stories of the week.

Sunday  April 13th - Mr. Anderson Lowe, Mr. Colin Holligan, Mr. Steven Proverbs and Mr. Clarence Payne speak about the Competency - Based Training Fund of Barbados  ......more

Sunday April 06th - Ms. Linda Lewis Founder of The Little Pink Gift speaks on Breast Cancer......more

Sunday April 06th Director Ms. Janelle Headley on Operation Triple Threat (Sing.Dance.Act).....more